Curator of Feel Good Sound

Rodrael, Keiynan Lonsdale and Bellsaint


Bay area born and bred, Rodrael is looking to empower his community and show young people that you can achieve your wildest dreams.  Through his day job as an educator in the public school system, Rod is making an impact both in the classroom and on the airwaves.  Check out more of what Rodrael is all about HERE


Growing up a fan of Michael Jackson, Keiynan was drastically impacted by the King of Pop's ability to connect to people from all over the world with not just his vocal capability, but also learned how potent his message was in his lyrics.  Check out the tribute video he did for MJ's bday last year HERE  Being a man of multiple talents, Keiynan is constantly balancing his time between the studio - singing and dancing and his major role on CW Networks's hit show "The Flash".  We caught up with the Australian entertainer as he was back home in Los Angeles for a few days around the release of his new song with Kasbo "Lay It On Me" 


Originally from Tyler, Texas, this incredible singer/songwriter has taken her talents to LA and Hollywood - literally.  Having seen quite a bit of success in the sync world with songs placed on Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars to name a few, the rising artist now has her sights set on her own debut project.  She stops by the studio to bring us "Landmines" a play a live rendition that really shows off her vocal capabilities.  Watch out for Bellsaint!!  Follow more of her HERE