Curator of Feel Good Sound

Caitlin Eadie, Katie Costello and Madeline Lauer


With a brand new album, Open Book, Maddie opens her up to all of her fans and the public with all of her life experiences.  We chat about her new single, "Come Around" as well as her hustle working at Conway Studios in LA.  She also drops her "Goosebumps" cover single on us as well! 



Not only is she a talented singer and songwriter, but also heads up Rebel Pop Records based out of Brooklyn, NY.  Her new EP, "New World" is out at the end of this month and we were excited to have her by and get a sneak peak! 



The Nashville based songwriter found herself working on her own music after being told over and over again that the songs she was demo-ing and writing for other people were TOO GOOD.  Industry folks would say that they couldn't hear any other vocalist on the record which led to Caitlin exploring the path of becoming an artist!  Her album, Balancing Act is out everywhere now and she was in town to chat with me about the project, share some music and sing a few songs in studio.