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NEXT 001 - Joe Dias, Fiona Grey, Kendall Lake

Beautiful voice and such a down to earth kid who got into music through singing covers for his sister in her hospital bed.  After losing his sister, he promised her that he would continue to pursue this dream of his and make music with her on his shoulder in spirit.  Joe has a great song called "Come Over" that we play on the show.  Follow Joe here

Such an amazing talent, Fiona wrote her first song as a young child with her father (a renowned composer and writer) about a lemonade stand.  Years later, she's pushing the envelope of her music and sound and brings by a great record "Money", a social perspective on the obsession with money and fame in our world today.  We chat about worldly travels, fashion and her upcoming video shoot in Paris!  Follow her here

Don't let the shy, quiet Kendall Lake fool you...she's got an enormous personality, huge voice, and passion to rock out that erupts through the speakers and on the stage.  The LA beauty brings by her latest track "Hero" and "Thought You Should Know" and chats with me about her recurring artist showcase series "SKITZO" that she hosts and headlines in LA along with her acting cameos in the TV hit Trueblood.  Follow Kendall Lake here