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Bea Miller LIVE at DASH Radio

Songstress Bea Miller stops by the DASH Radio studio for an intimate performance with several lucky fans and an exclusive interview with yours truly.  We chatted about her inspiration behind releasing music through cohesive EPs all culminating to an album that will be available at the end of the year.  She also jumped on to do a #MorningMantra - highlighting the importance of the mindset that "Everything Happens for a Reason" and also tells her most memorable experience in an Uber in New York for #Uberstories.  Check it all out here:


Rodrael, Keiynan Lonsdale and Bellsaint


Bay area born and bred, Rodrael is looking to empower his community and show young people that you can achieve your wildest dreams.  Through his day job as an educator in the public school system, Rod is making an impact both in the classroom and on the airwaves.  Check out more of what Rodrael is all about HERE


Growing up a fan of Michael Jackson, Keiynan was drastically impacted by the King of Pop's ability to connect to people from all over the world with not just his vocal capability, but also learned how potent his message was in his lyrics.  Check out the tribute video he did for MJ's bday last year HERE  Being a man of multiple talents, Keiynan is constantly balancing his time between the studio - singing and dancing and his major role on CW Networks's hit show "The Flash".  We caught up with the Australian entertainer as he was back home in Los Angeles for a few days around the release of his new song with Kasbo "Lay It On Me" 


Originally from Tyler, Texas, this incredible singer/songwriter has taken her talents to LA and Hollywood - literally.  Having seen quite a bit of success in the sync world with songs placed on Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars to name a few, the rising artist now has her sights set on her own debut project.  She stops by the studio to bring us "Landmines" a play a live rendition that really shows off her vocal capabilities.  Watch out for Bellsaint!!  Follow more of her HERE

Caitlin Eadie, Katie Costello and Madeline Lauer


With a brand new album, Open Book, Maddie opens her up to all of her fans and the public with all of her life experiences.  We chat about her new single, "Come Around" as well as her hustle working at Conway Studios in LA.  She also drops her "Goosebumps" cover single on us as well! 



Not only is she a talented singer and songwriter, but also heads up Rebel Pop Records based out of Brooklyn, NY.  Her new EP, "New World" is out at the end of this month and we were excited to have her by and get a sneak peak! 



The Nashville based songwriter found herself working on her own music after being told over and over again that the songs she was demo-ing and writing for other people were TOO GOOD.  Industry folks would say that they couldn't hear any other vocalist on the record which led to Caitlin exploring the path of becoming an artist!  Her album, Balancing Act is out everywhere now and she was in town to chat with me about the project, share some music and sing a few songs in studio.


NEXT 003 - Liyah, Bonelang, Grabbitz

Hailing from Miami, "Miss Worldwide" has shared the stage and toured with Pitbull and LL Cool J, to name a few.  She stops by to play her singles "Radio" and "Running Back" and chats with me about South Africa, the challenges of being an independent artist, and shares her passion for supporting Anti-Bullying campaigns.  Follow Liyah HERE

Sammy.Language of BONELANG
Chicago native, Sammy.Language stops by to share his latest project with us and chats about his multi-dimensional creative process that embodies music, art, video and more.  We play "Michelada" and "Faraday" in studio and CRAVE sipping Michelada's poolside in LA, with sunflowers...  Follow Sammy's Bonelang project HERE

With so much positive energy, Grabbitz came through the studio to share his album, "Things Change" with us.  We chat about how difficult the process has been with him losing his mom to cancer and how that has fueled his creativity and pushed him to release this album.  The project is one to listen through front to back and bridges the rock, hip hop, and electronic worlds.  Follow Grabbitz HERE

NEXT 002 - Nick Jordan, Kiian, Arum Rae

Rapper, producer, engineer, songwriter- Nick Jordan can do it all.  He stops by DASH to bring us his Intergalactic EP and chat about his Oklahoma punk rock roots and his approach to music and writing. 

Born and raised in LA, Kiian mentioned to me that he feels like his BS filter is finely tuned and we chat about some of the politics around the industry and LA as a whole.  He brings us his new song, "Beverly Hell" and we chat about his upcoming projects.  Follow Kiian here



An incredible voice and overall talent, Arum Rae is definitely one to watch.  She stops by DASH to bring us her latest single, "Should I" and we chat about her new project Sub Rosa and her tour supporting legendary, Rodriguez throughout the country.  Follow her here

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NEXT 001 - Joe Dias, Fiona Grey, Kendall Lake

Beautiful voice and such a down to earth kid who got into music through singing covers for his sister in her hospital bed.  After losing his sister, he promised her that he would continue to pursue this dream of his and make music with her on his shoulder in spirit.  Joe has a great song called "Come Over" that we play on the show.  Follow Joe here

Such an amazing talent, Fiona wrote her first song as a young child with her father (a renowned composer and writer) about a lemonade stand.  Years later, she's pushing the envelope of her music and sound and brings by a great record "Money", a social perspective on the obsession with money and fame in our world today.  We chat about worldly travels, fashion and her upcoming video shoot in Paris!  Follow her here

Don't let the shy, quiet Kendall Lake fool you...she's got an enormous personality, huge voice, and passion to rock out that erupts through the speakers and on the stage.  The LA beauty brings by her latest track "Hero" and "Thought You Should Know" and chats with me about her recurring artist showcase series "SKITZO" that she hosts and headlines in LA along with her acting cameos in the TV hit Trueblood.  Follow Kendall Lake here